Well everybody, as you've heard, Pirates of the Caribbean Online is closing. We cannot change this, we can only hope that it can/will return. Now I know this may seem stupid, but I was literally crying over the game's closing. I've met so many great people on the game and on this wiki. Now for the main message.

Push Through

Even though the game is closing, we need to push through. I highly doubt any amount of petitions, pleading, or begging will make Disney change their minds. They're too focused on things like Disney Infinity and Club Penguin (freaking idiotic game, by the way). I can see some of their reasoning for this however. Anywho, we need to push on! If I heard corectly, this will be a fanon site and continue on, regardless of the game closing or not. I know a good 7 or 8 people, and maybe more, have left this game recently. I highly urge you to stay! We need to keep this wiki running and improve upon it. Maybe bring some of our old friends back. Anyways, here's a quick thanks to the people in-game who have helped me enjoy it.


Here's a list of people I should thank.

  • Ned Edgewalker
  • Bill Dagger
  • Rick Break Bone
  • Mac
  • Captain Gunrose
  • Captain Leon The Third
  • Hannah Bluefeather
  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Lord Mallace
  • Richard Cannonwalker (Nults McHagan)
  • Albert Spark
  • William Seasteel
  • Jack Daggerstealer
  • Charlotte Swordhayes
  • More may be added if remembered.


If this is okay for you, I am inviting EVERYONE to an End of POTCO Party (not that I'm happy, but we should pay some respects to a once great game). It will take place 2 days before the game closes (September 17th I believe) on Skull's Thunder on Tortos (Skull's Thunder is on Padres for those who don't know). Please come as your most memorable and/or first pirate.

I hope to see you all there from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (possibly later but I get off at 9-ish). Thank you, and please attend!


I would like to say, this is a blog to help us push through and thank people in-game. This IS NOT a "goodbye" or "retiring from wiki" blog. That is all. Thank you.

Hoist the colors - Pirates of the Caribbean (FULL SONG WITH LYRICS!)

Hoist the colors - Pirates of the Caribbean (FULL SONG WITH LYRICS!)

What we need to remember...

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