I would like to say first, I have not been on this wiki in a very long time. But after hearing the following news, I got excited and decided to spread the word about it. First of all... Good news mates! There is a group of dedicated POTCO players who are attempting to make their own version of POTCO itself. Of course it won't involve in the POTC franchise since it's outside of Disney, but this game will be a lot like the gameplay of POTCO. Need I say more? They will need as many pirates as they can get to support this project. So I suggest everyone to check out this link. It's their forum. Good day, mates! ;)

UPDATE: There is also another group attempting to make their own version of PotCO. Their game is going to be called "Pirates of Legend." Whichever group you want to support would be entirely up to you. I suggest you check them both out. Here's the link for PoL:

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