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Well, as some of you know, the drama here has been too much for quite a few folks 'round here. A lot of users have left, resigned, or snapped and have been banned, demoted, or driven off. Recently, I find that the drama is just not worth it. I stayed here for awhile just to attempt and administrate the site that I felt apart of. I made many friends through here and I came here for a social on the side as well. However, I am also affected by the drama here. No one can get along. The hatred here just grows. A house divided cannot stand. Henceforth, I announce my formal resignation of all powers or rights. 

Jack Pistol will be the new Wiki President, and Parax. is the new Vice President. As for promotions, I hope that Jeremiah Garland and Albert Spark make it far, and we'll see if Blastshot gets his dream of being a crumpet-addicted admin. I hope you can clean this place up and save it. 

Most of you will be glad I am going, but for the few who aren't, I apologize if it's at an inconvenient time, especially since I was JUST promoted to President. I know Kat and Step have recently left as well, and I know the Wiki is in need of an administration. It's just my time for retirement ( xD ). And no, I doubt I will be coming back, unless things drastically change around here ( This change is something I tried to make happen throughout my administration. It just didn't work ). The drama just isn't worth it anymore. It's not worth going through when I can chat with people on other sites and enjoy other activites. ( -Wink wink- ;] )

I have made many friends here. To those people, I give a hearty thank you. I will be around other chats, some that a lot of you already know of and use. I will probably hang around this chat from time to time, just nothing like I have been as an administrator. I'll still be around here at times. You may say "Why resign, it looks like you have time!", well, staying in touch with a few people is different than staying here full time as an admin. Some of you I'll stay in touch with, some may be dropped into a ditch ( Blarhahahahahaha!!! ) and roasted next to a pig ( Must get that phrase going before I leave xD ). I have had differences with people in the past, and I hope that finally the bickering will stop and we can put our differences aside. I apologize for any rudeness from my end. 


Well, alot of you have been asking me to change the place, or saying I should have done more as a president. In which case, I give you this section. My "final requests". If I had any "requests" to give.. finally... , it'd be these

  1. Jeremiah Garland and and Albert Spark to be highly respected as the "next line" for the site. It's obvious to my eyes that this is what they are for this wikia. Perhaps its "only hope", seeing as Jack and Parax plan to leave, other admins are inactive ( you know who you are ) and Blastshot seems to be fed up with the crap as much as I am. You doom yourself as a site if you deny these people.
  2. There needs to be a page for regular Wiki strikes. We have an excellent system for the chat strikes. We should employ the same system for our regular strikes.
  3. Some people to comment on this spectacular blog post. You really aren't looking good if you ignore that. It only proves her point further - that peeps really don't know what to do around here and oppose things because they don't think it is right. While understandable, you should at least provide who you want to be promoted, EVEN if it's yourself! Be honest, guys! 
  4. You all must listen to this. Be amazed by Hans Zimmer....

If you disagree with what I've stated here and want to argue with it, I have only one thing to say.... - BOO. FREAKING. HOO. 

( Note - if you dis Hans Zimmer, private parts will roll.... )


As for my fiction, I'll resume to write it on its own site ( ) during the summer when I have less schoolwork.

That's right, I'm gone, dingy birds! I had a pretty damn good run here though. Almost 3 years. Yep, I tortured you all for 3 years. ( This is not an April fools, March fools, or St. Patricks Day joke )

Goldlock out. -tips hat

Captain R. GoldvaneTalk Writer of The Goldvane Trilogy12,211 Edits ~"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNT!"

18:34, March 16, 2013 (UTC)

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