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Hello, all! I just wanted everyone to know, there has been some serious vandals lately.

The Samuel Redbeard, and "Please Stop Bullying" page were both vandaled today.

Last night, there was also some cussing comments

It is all the same person using an IP Scrambler. He's using tons of Unregistered accounts. I was the only Admin on, and Jason, Law, and a few others were also on.

I just wanted everyone to know, as many probably don't due to the fact that he did this at very inactive times during the last 24 hours.

We know it's Pearson, Hippie, Francis, Carlos, or whatever you want to call him.

He requested an unban, which many of you know.

He then got mad that nobody went up and said "Ok, i'll unban you", and starting cussing last night. This morning, he started vandaling pages.

Samuel Redbeard seemed to be the main target. Samuel was on, and cussed a little, but his cussing was like a light sloop compared to the unregistered, which was probably an Advanced SOTL.

Anyways, just wanted you all to know. Samuel didn't do much, other than request Adminship so he could patrol while I went to bed last night. I banned the Contribs, but since he has the scrambler, we can't ban him.

Just wanted everyone to know.

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