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This Community Vote has Ended!

The side of Support won in the vote!


First, I want to let you all know this is what I think should be done around here.

New rules for users

  1. There will be a page called a "Vote approval page". If you want a new block, or demotion, you will send it here. In this page, we admins, rollbacks, and possibly some trusted users will either approve or not approve the vote. If the vote is approved, there will be a community vote for it. If not approved, there will be no blog.
  2. No arguing on rule requests. Only votes with reasons. You may post a reply to your own comment adding some reasons also. A little bit of conversation is ok, but NO arguing or attempting to sway others votes.

New rules for admins

  1. We can block someone who has broken a rule without a huge vote, if all admins agree and if it is less than 2 weeks. If more than 2 weeks, we will post a community vote for the block.
  2. If a user is unregistered and has vandalized, we may block them without a huge vote. If it is a registered user, rule 1 applies.
  3. Only Burs, Admins, and Rollbacks will be allowed to vote on new rule requests.


I know alot of you will say this gives us admins more power, and, it actually does, but this is the control we need to be able to maintain organization on this Wiki. If you oppose this becuase you think it gives us to much power, that just lets us know you do not trust us, and I really hope the admin team is trusted. We really have been here the longest, you can trust our decisions.

Vote ends on March 21, or when 1 side reaches 20 votes.

Support Support -

  1. Captaingoldvane2
  2. Stpehen
  3. Pencil-
  4. KellyStormEagle
  5. Parax
  6. Sharple
  7. GenLawrence
  8. Jeremiah Garlic
  9. Lord Andrew Mallace (box'd)
  10. Jasonblade
  11. Johnny Coaleaston
  12. Edgar Wildrat
  13. Tama63
  14. Bill Plunderbones
  15. Katbluedog
  16. Captain Crimson
  17. Keira Kinover
  18. Jack Pistol
  19. Jason Yelloweagle
  20. John Breasly

Oppose Oppose -

  1. Master
  2. Jack Goldwrecker
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