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Hello, Wiki. Today we are issuing two new major rules onto this Wiki. Please note we ( the admin team ) have been talking about this for several weeks now, and have come to a conclusion to stop the arguing.


We have agreed that roleplay is the reason for our drama. It is causing so many arguments that it fills activity! Roleplay does nothing but cause arguments and "dischargings", and it is not needed on the POTCO Players Wiki!

Henceforth, we have permanently banned roleplay. No roleplay articles shall be made, with all currently existing ones deleted. No user may claim a roleplay title on this Wiki, either, and fighting over a title will result in a ban.

We know how upsetting this is to some users, but eventually, this rule will stop the fighting.

Pearson Wright

Seeing as the other half of the drama here has to do with Pearson Wright, with roleplay gone we are welcoming this user back to our Wiki. Even though he has been globally banned, isn't it good to give second chances? Well, in this case, it is. Having him here will show that he has changed, and can be a good member of our community.

Starting today at 1:00 central, these rules will be put into action. To see the secret admin discussion, click this link:

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