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The side of Support won in the vote!


I know this is random, but I thought about it and I believe this is needed. I, Bureaucrat CaptainGoldvane2 hereby request the promotion from Administrator to Bureaucrat of Jack Pistol. Jack is a great friend of mine and has proved to me he is great Admin quality. He has showed to be an excellent administrator, and as he isn't available everyday he still exceeds me at admin jobs and actions.


  • Is a wonderful admin and handles the job well.
  • Performs many administrative actions everyday he is online.
  • Helps improve the Wiki with his ideas
  • Knows what's best for the site and can make good decisions.
  • Is generally very active friday-monday.
  • Is in a different time zone than other administrators and can be on when others are not available.
  • Has shown no signs of power-hunger. Has never asked for or mentioned a promotion.
  • The actions in which promoted him to Administrator were not performed in attempt to become promoted, he is not doing his actions just for a promotion, he is doing them for the good of this site, which is what an administrator requires.
  • Knows how to perform administrative actions very well.
  • Is an expert at coding and can help with many issues.
  • Is generally a nice user. He is kind and helpful to users and hardly ever engages in an argument.
  • Does not engage in any country roleplay drama.
  • Does not engage in Pearson Wright drama.
  • I have seen him get a bit angry in POTCO, but he never shows that on this site, which is great. It is difficult to hide your anger sometimes, and he does it very well.
  • Is not biased at all whatsoever. Does not make any decision based on his personal opinion.
  • Has Dark Black sack vest and cotton jacket. This reason has been murdered by bright green sack vest.
  • Has been on this Wiki very long and is very experienced.
  • Must I say more?

Support Support -

  1. CaptainGoldvane2
  2. Bill2222
  3. Sharple
  4. Katbluedog
  5. Stpehen
  6. GenLawrence
  7. Jarod Pillagebane
  8. Bator.hos
  9. AlbertSpark
  10. Cad Bane
  11. HermesDude
  12. Keira Kinover
  13. JasonBlade
  14. Johnny Coaleaston
  15. Davy Gunfish
  16. Thorin11
  17. Ned Edgewalker
  18. JackyWolf
  19. Lord Matthew Blastshot
  20. Parax.

Oppose Oppose -

Final note

This was an out-of-the-blue request, and Jack will be getting here tomorrow according to his last message, so let's get this some supports so when he arrives back he will see it, eh?

Jack's Message

This is a bit unconventional, but I can't comment and I feel like a jerk for not thanking all the people who supported and Goldvane, for surprising me with such an honor. I will make the best of my powers and serve the wiki well. Thank you all.

~ Jack Pistol

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