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  • CaptainShadow11

    To Whom Ever This May Concern,

    There has been much confusion with the title "King of Italy", for, Italy was not a country at the time. Please allow me to settle all the confusion you may have.

    • King Shadow Sail / King of Italy - "Italy", although not a country yet, is a simple way of saying the northern, central Italy. NO, I do not own all of it. I do NOT own the Papal states.
    • G-Man's Imperial Legion does not own ANY land in Italy. He is attempting to claim parts of Italy, including Tuscany. He does not own or command any portion of Italy, nor does he have a position in The Royal Family of Italy.

    In conclusion, when I say "King of Italy" I do not mean current day Italy. Pearson has control of the Papal states as far as I know. And G-Man does no…

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  • CaptainShadow11

    Hey Guys

    August 22, 2012 by CaptainShadow11

    Helllo Everyone! :o

    Hello lol. How has everyone been?? Hows the wiki :P? Just checking up on everyone because I haven't been here in forever... lol.

    As for people who are wondering what is going on with me, I kinda quit the wiki because I thought it was boring, but I am back now, kinda, because I have a lot of friends here and such that I care about.

    As for Roleplay (if that is still a "thing" LOL), yes I am still king of Italy, I was on a long vacation lol.

    Annnyway, hope everyone is doing good, and I hope the wiki has gotten all the drama sucked out of it :P.

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  • CaptainShadow11

    Hello All,

    My name is Shadow, and I will be hosting the 2012 Story Contest!

    The 2012 story contest is like many other story contests, but this one is in 2012! Please try to make these stories ones you have made recently, and not ones you have submitted before, preferably ones you made in 2012. Or, you can make one on the spot, it is up to you.

    • Cannot be stolen from anyone's ideas (must be your own).
    • No sore sports please.
    • Wiki rules apply (no foul language except hell and such, respect all, etc.)

    If you want your short story to be in the contest, you will have to post it, or a link, in the comments.

    These will either be judged by me (and possibly some other judges) or the community, the choice is still unclear at this time. Once a specific method …

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  • CaptainShadow11

    Hello Everyone,

    For those of you who don't know me, my name is Captain Shadow Sail. As many of you know, I was a huge roleplayer and took things too seriously at times. Yes, I am back, after a couple months of venting. But, I am back with new views. Roleplay does one thing, causes a lot of stress. I remember I would check every day to see if someone was claiming Italy, or someone was looking to shut down my company. I am done with that. This wiki, this game, its suppose to be fun, not a government. Not stressful. I will keep all my ranks and such, but I will not be nearly as roleplayerish as I was.

    So, instead about writing more sentences about things you really don't care about, lets just say I'm back.

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  • CaptainShadow11

    Uh.... the second I log in, I get runtime error -_-! Is this an issue for anyone else?

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