This is the place where you can find all the funny mess ups, deleted chapters, unused screenshots, and the making of some chapters, during the writing of "Battleship Down"

Battleship Down

Cast & Crew

  • Capt. Skull X ~ Producer, Camera Man, Main Character & Actor
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine ~ Camera Man, Main Character & Actor
  • Chris Swordbones ~ Camera Man, Main Character & Actor
  • Robert Macmonger ~ Main Character & Actor
  • Jeremiah Stormwash ~ Main Character & Actor
  • John Stormpaine ~ Main Character & Actor
  • David Light ~ Main Character & Actor
  • Bill Plunderbones ~ Main Character & Actor
  • Last Desparado ~ Secondary Character & Actor
  • Thomas Brawlstack ~ Secondary Character & Actor
  • Nicholas ~ Backup Actor

Want to be a character or an actor? Want to help out with the production of Battleship Down? Then Leave a comment here or talk to Skull.


To take screenshots for the battle in the Prologue, we needed some guards or soldiers, and a couple researches. Since we were low on actors, we cut down on the amount of researchers. It was very difficult to take this screen for several reasons:

  1. Noobs kept on scammpering onto the set
  2. Nicholas kept on moving and getting out of his spot
  3. We had to have the researcher kill himself

We finally managed to get a good screen, but it took quite a while.


Chapter 1

Well were still waiting for Lawrence to become un-AFK, so we can take the screens, but he's always afk :p

But ater Law came back, with perfect timing as we were totally going nuts. We talked over what we were doing and got ready for the next shots
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