Talk to Jack Sparrow - Jolly Roger only found a few of these cursed blades, now its time to finish Jolly, or JOIN him! Talk to Jack Sparrow to begin your journey.

Talk to Simon Fuller - Jack needs to make a cursed blade of his own. Talk to Simon Fuller on Port Royal to start crafting the blade.

Sink any 25 EITC or navy ships - EITC and Navy ships carry very small but sharp daggers. Combine 25 of them and you have a blade.

Sink a Death Omen Ship - Death OMen ships carry very powerful cursed wood that can be used for the back of the sword.

Brew up 10 Deadeye potions - Deadeye potions carry lots of power. Pour some on the blade to make it stronger.

Brew up 10 Growin Grog potions - Not only will it make this tiny blade bigger, but it will make the edge sharper too.

Sink an EITC Juggernaut Ship - EITC Juggernauts carry loads of jewels on them, They can be used to harden the back of the sword.

Defeat 25 Undead Witchdoctors - Undead Witchdontors carry powerful voodoo dolls. Break them apart and sprinkle some of the remains on the sword.

Defeat an UNdead Gypsy - Use a gypsy doll to get cursed skills on the blade like Cursed Thunder.

Return to Simon Fuller

Talk to Tia Dalma - Tia can help with the rest of the sword, go to her for the last instructions.

Defeat 10 Twisted Stumps for cursed roots - Twisted Stumps carry strong roots for the back of the blade.

Defeat 10 Ancient Fly Traps - Ancient Fly Traps carry powerful plant parts for the back of the blade)

Defeat 10 EITC Assassins - Eitc Assassins carry strong points for the sword.

Return to Jack Sparrow - The Sword is done. Now is the fun part ...

Activate boss battle when your ready.

Boss Battle: You will find yourself on the Black Pearl. An NPC of Jack Sparrow will steer the ship towards the Harkaway.

A Maelstrom will form and the Pearl and the Harkaway will broadside at eachother.

After enough damage is done to the Harkaway, you and your crew will board it.

Defeat 4 Undead Captains.

Jack Sparrow will appear onboard.

Choose who's side you are on:

If you wonder towards where Jolly is, you will join his crew (forever on the game) and you have no quests, but you can sink ships, hurt NPC's to make them scared and you get a Bitter End Sabre.

If you wonder towards where Jack is, you stay as a pirate but there are no more story quests, but you can get side quests from NPC's.

If you wonder towards the cabin of the Harkaway, you will be cursed and all you can do in the game FOREVER is wonder te seas (swim) as a ghost.

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