Blake, as usual.

  • MaLLaceThe Wind picked 'em up
  • 6:52Blake StewartGoldtimbers can't do his job the way it is
  • 6:52MaLLaceShipped him to Pearson land
  • no shipping fee ;3
  • 6:52JasonbladeHave faith in goldtimbers
  • Ahoy Nults McKagan welcome to Pirate Chat!
  • 6:52Blake StewartAnd you expect England to prosper?6:52
  • 6:53JasonbladeEngland Will rise once more
  • 6:53Blake StewartCrap
  • 6:53MaLLaceBleh
  • 6:53Blake StewartYeah, but when?
  • 6:53JasonbladeHowever some are busy with school
  • 6:53MaLLaceChat.css
  • 6:53Commanderishamel123Jason is right!
  • 6:53MaLLaceWorst thing ever
  • 6:53JasonbladeOnce everyone returns
  • 6:53MaLLaceCan't change the darn picture
  • 6:53JasonbladeEverything will be back to normal
  • and the eitc under a skilled leader!
  • 6:53Blake StewartHeres the deal, I am currently all "England" has.
  • JasonbladeFighting wise yes...
  • 6:54Blake StewartHmmm
  • 6:54JasonbladeLeading wise no
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