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After the War of Austrian Succession, the Great powers grew weary of UKGBIH's successful policy of Coalition making. So the other Great Powers of Europe decided to form a new alliance to guarintee peace. In the "Diplomatic Miracle" Austria, Sweden, Russia, Spain and France signed an alliance. This left UKGHIB and Prussia as the only other Great powers. Prussia suspecting a French-Austrian Invasion of Silesia, invaded Saxony in a premptive strike, begining the Seven Years War.

Current News

Today, The King Of Spain (Carlos) Declared War On Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland, and the Electorate of Hannover, and has brought his allies along for the fight.

The Battle of Copenhagen (SVS on Savica)

The Navies of Spain, France, and the "English Bridage" (Made up of Anti-John forces), defeated a squadron of EITC, English and Danish ships at Copenhagen. The battle was a route for UK and Danish forces, and the French, Spanish, and the English Brigade emerged with minimal loss. The Grand Alliance (Spain, France etc.) then proceded to invade Denmarks Duchy of Holestine (Port Royal, Kojiliko ) where Danish/British forces were gathering.

War News

  • Spain takes its former borders and sets up a blockade.
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