So I had an idea! When an admin isn't available to help, we could have a backup team. Even though this team would not get any special buttons to press (not becoming rollback or admin, that is), they would be recieving high amounts of recognition from the wiki's administration, and much of the users. Members of the support team are hand picked and can only join by invitation and a 2:1 admin and support team vote. Sorry but this vote will not be open to the users of the wiki, if they disagree, they can give the reasons, but their vote will not count. If the vote passes, then the user becomes a part of the support team. If not, the user stays a user. Rollbacks are automatically added to the support team, and become eligable to vote on invitations. All members of the support team can reccomend users to be invited, but first will be a vote, then, and only then the user will be added.

So what does tharrr think?


Captain Crimson

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