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Ok, this is very easy if you pay attention, so here it is. First, where you want the people to have a choice of their own, for the first you will have to type {{{1}}}, for the second, type {{{2}}}. If you want people to have choices, then type {{{1|Choice 1|Choice 2|Choice 3|And So On}}} and then same as the 2nd on the other but add the choices. You do not have to change the template name, just put it in the coding and that will do.

Ok, here is how to make userboxes.

The two links above are for activating userboxes and page banners. They all have usages, and it makes it much easier. Just copy and paste the usage coding and fill out the coding. The usages for both are listed on the above links, so visit them to copy&paste.

When you have the usage copied, simply make a page called Template:(what is the code) and paste the usage. When you paste the usage start filling it out, here are some references for the usage, I recommend you copy and paste this not the ones on the template page. and after a doublecollen, like in "File:" NEVER use a space unless it is in the name of the picture, i recommend you copy and paste the name of the file too.

 |id       =[[File:(replace this text wiht file name and type like JPG, jpg, png or etc...)|(size in pixels, max 75)px]]
 |id-c     =Use [[wikipedia:Web colors]] to choose the file background color
 |info     = info you want it to say
 |info-c   = info background color
 |info-fc  = info font color
 |border-c = box color
 |border-s = border width in pixels (usually 2 through 4)

Reference the above one for the PageBanner too, I don't want to retype the same thing once you saw it above.

 |id = id text or image
 |info = info text
 |info-c = info background color
 |info-fc = info font color
 |border-c = border color
 |border-s = border width in pixels

Then save the Template page and you are done!

Type in the code {{BASEPAGENAME}} and it will say the name of the article it is placed on not basepagename.
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