Dear Editors,

As the new admin of community updates, I wanna take a quick flashback at all the things we have added in the past one month. So here it is in, and be sure to comments if I left out anything.

  1. Editor redesign was added to Wikia Labs and we enabled it!
  2. Wiki Chat was added to Wikia labs and enabled it.
  3. Floater customization was added.
  4. Button Navigation customization was added.
  5. Word Bubble customization was added.

I know... it's not much, so you guys help me fill in the rest. Sort of a knowledge test if you remember the last month as well as I do.

Community-Update July 112011

Ok, so here is this week's update!

  • Word Bubble customization enabled by our one and only Shade Link! Round of applause for him!
  • The Support Team is a team of users who have been hand picked to help users when administrators are offline. They will be added soon!
  • The wiki is growing! We have over 10,000 visitors since June 26, 2011!
  • There is a tech corner of the community corner now!

With regards,


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