Though I am no longer admin, I have Kat's and Tama's blessing to still do the community updates. So here is what your admins have been up to!

  • Redesigned the contents template. If you would like to remove the contents template from pages, type __NOTOC__ on the first line of the page.
  • New profile redesigns are now live! Go to your userpage to edit them!
  • The "User Requests" category should be added to all blogs (blogs only) about rule, demotion and promotion requests. This will display it in the Community Corner!
  • While we continue to improve the wiki CSS and JS wise, we ask you to bypass your cache as often as possible to see these new changes! Bypass you cache like this! This will make you be able to view all these new changes.

Known Bugs

  • Profile picture changes take a few days to fully change, we ask you wait for that to change since it is an across Wikia bug. It appears on every wiki. It only changes instantly if you have NEVER added a profile picture before.


Jeremiah Stormwash

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