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  • I live in That's private too.
  • My occupation is Also private.
  • I am Human.
Small Frigate

Me ship, the Blue Star.

About me

Icon Cursed cc Whathopercy is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Nautilus Blade!
Logo eitc emblem Whathopercy is an EITC character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Guild Userbox ImageEITC Whathopercy is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3 Whathopercy is a member of The Society of The Light!
Caribbean Intelligence Agency-Seal Whathopercy works at the Caribbean Intelligence Agency in the Covert Operations Department as a/the Head of Covert.
Noob Academy and Learning Center Seal Whathopercy helps noobs and works for the The Noob Academy and Learning Center as a Noobologist!
MossyMosesScale-1- Whathopercy has caught the Legendary Fish Mossy Moses
Pistol eagle eye Whathopercy's Favorite server is Cortevos!

Port Royal Whathopercy's favorite main island is Port Royal.
Favorite weapon pic.. Whathopercy's favorite weapon is the Deloi Sword!
Under Construction Whathopercy has a character named Jay Brightsun in POTCO.
Sword Whathopercy has mastered Sword!

55px-Crate Whathopercy trades goods to the world in Fuego Importing as a/the President.
250px-Glittering Girl Whathopercy caught the Graceful Glittering Girl!
DI Emblam
Whathopercy is a member of DITrans!
SOL - brigade 3 Whathopercy is a member of The Light Brigade!
250px-Speedy Lou Whathopercy has caught the fastest fish in the sea, Speedy Lou!

Squiggle Whathopercy is a member of the League of Squirrel Friends.

Role - Play Story( Still Working on it (= )

Jay Brightsun's life was filled with many adventures and escapes. He was relative to the infamous Benjamen Teach and Edward Storm, both of whom were cousins and good friends. His insane uncle drove him to the point of where he escaped the house with his brothers. His uncle was insane of obession of finding the foutain of youth. One day, Benjamen Teach came back to the house, a pirate. He and his uncle set out on the journey of piracy, plundering and pillaging, until one day, Benjamen's loved one died, and he and his Uncle set out into the sunset, never returning.

All this time, little Jonathen(before his name was Jay, it was Jonathen) and Edward had been taking the refuge of a young adult EITC man and his wife, and the boys grew up to be strong young men, with Jonathen a talent for sword fighting and Edward with keen acuracy and talent for guns.

One day however, Jay came home to find Edward with a sword Jay had never seen before:an english navy cutlass. Jay was curious and when Edward bragged he had stolen it from a navy soldier, Jay was horrified. How could his brother turned into this? He pleaded with Edward to take it back, but Edward said he would not, and it was his.


My sayings

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEEP!!!! Um... AHH!!!!!!

Ouch. That Hurt.


That was a taste of my power. Hee hee, i'm so evil.

Oh come on, who said i was a noob? Who?

I think the dynamic balance of smart and stupid may be blurring.

Of course you did. Of course.

Ugh. You win.

My favorite pages

  • NALC
  • Invasion:The History of the EITC campaign
  • The wild rat saga
  • Milita of Fuego
  • The Light
  • CBN

My Pirates and EITC Guys

  • Jay Brightsun (Lv.39)
  • Roran
  • Edward Star
  • Benjamin Teach(Different account, same owner)(Lv 17, played him at a time when lvl cap was like 30)
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