Ahoy <insert name here>! I'm a previous rollback, so if you need any help please let me know :)

I'm very active on chat. So if you need to urgently talk to me I suggest you talk to me there. If you've been banned from chat, and think your chat-ban was unfair, or too long, feel free to contact me on on my talk page.

If you want any help with page designs, etc, feel free to head over to Savvy Designs :D

I also share a bot, News-Tron. My bot helps out with the newsletters, and will send them to your talk pages if you've subsribed.

Set4 companion Voxelplox is a Rollback of the Pirates Online Players Wiki!
History Voxelplox was a member of the Wiki Historical Team when this wiki was the POTCO Players Wiki.
Founder Coin WikimemberSavvy
Voxelplox is a Savvy Editor on the POTCO Players Wiki!

Chat alot Voxelplox chats regularly at the POTCO Player's Wiki Chat!

Wiki cat Voxelplox is a Wiki Cat!

SLAP TROUT Voxelplox is open to trout slapping!

Stalking cat MEOW! Voxelplox has a reputation for being a talk page stalker!

The Dons Voxelplox is a Don in La Mafia
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