The Co. Federation

The Co. Federation is The head of all EITC Guilds. It is lead by Lord Pearson Hristov, The King Of Spain. He is assisted by Lord Leon Goldtimbers and Lord Jack Redsilver. It is a highly elite guild for level 35 and up. It requires the official EITC outfit and you must take the Delta Carta Oath to have right of passage to it. The Co. Federation currently stands at 50 members, and is growing rapidly. It is not yet recognized as a super power, but soon will be. The purpose of this guild is to unite all of The EITC under one banner and bring an age of peace and prosperity and I promise to keep corruption at a very low level. Captain Leon, I assure you will be under close supervision.

The EITC Lords

Grand Lord Marshall - Lord Pearson Hristov

Grand Lord - Lord Leon Goldtimbers

Primary Lord - Lord Jack Redsilver

Vice Lord - Lord Edgar Wildrat

Lord Samuel RedBeard (he's a pirate now!)
Still weird


The Delta Carta

The Delta Carta is an oath that each new recruit into The Co. Federation must take. It states, " I, " name ", Pledge my allegiance to The EITC and to Lord Pearson Hristov. I will stand up for what is right and support everything that Pearson does. "

The Black Code

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