Taken ~ Founder -- Founded the Bank

Taken ~ CEO -- Person in charge of the bank

Taken ~ Junior CEO -- Second in Command

Taken ~ Head of Vault Management -- Makes sure all money in all vaults is stored securely and safely

Taken ~ Head of Security -- Makes sure security is as strong as can be

Taken ~ Caribbean Branch Manager -- Manages the Caribbean Branch of the EITCB

OPEN ~ Bank Tellers -- Works in shifts to monitor each bank

OPEN ~ Security Guards -- These security guards differ from EITC and Navy, they are trained to guard caravans, vaults, and tellers.

OPEN ~ Manager of Inter-Bank Trading -- Keeps trade flowing between the EITCB banks and vaults

OPEN ~ Manager of Outer-Bank Trading -- Keeps trade flowing between other banks.

OPEN ~ Message Courier -- Run messages between banks

OPEN ~ Gold Courier -- Carries gold to and from investors or banks

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