The Holy City is a kingdom run by Keira, who have her named heirs, Mark Mar Williams, and Melanie Ganae. It is all about peace and unity of the kingdom and the worlds connected to them. Their motto tells it all: "J'ustitia et pax super chaos provailis" ("Justice and peace prevails over chaos" in the native tounge Al Bhed). The city is very rich, prosperous, and energetic, and is also the birth place of Keira and her ancestors. The city is located on Precursora, the sister planet of Earth. Normally Mages can be found patrolling the city's golden streets or reading from spellbooks in the palace. The city is also the birthplace of the Holy Protectors, aka Mages. Above all of the city's greatness, its greatest location is the Holy Tower, behind the palace. It's population stands at 3.3 million and counting.

Their main power comes from Eco, which is expained in detail in The Eco Empire ---- Description of Eco. The city is divided into sections, or districts: Industrial, Market, Port, Palace Square, Garage/Racing, Construction, and Slums, as explained below.

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