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Hi! Welcome to my profile. Feel free to check back here any time for the latest news on POTCO.


Latest news: Curse of the Muertos Moon has left the caribbean until october.

Slappy's reaction to chocolate

Person - hello sir! can i interest you in some chocholate? Slappy - Chocholate? did you say CHOCHOLATE? Person - yes sir! with or without nuts? Slappy - CHOCHOLATE! CHOCHOLATE! - person runs away but trips and Slappy catches him - Slappy - NOW THAT I'VE GOT YOU RIGHT WHERE I WANT YOU ... i'd like to buy all your chocholate! Person - Phew.

Stats on POTCO

Notoriety: 39 (WOOT! almost 40)

Sword: 30 (Mastered!)

Gun: 25: (one more level till i can use my repeater!)

Voodoo Doll: 18: (I dont usually use my doll, but its useful sonetimes)

Dagger: (Forgot, Sorry)

Grenades: 9 (my weakest weapon)

Voodoo Staff: 12 (cool weapon, dont use it much though)

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