Sir Joseph Grey

  • I live in London, England
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is former Southern Secretary
  • I am a backbencher now

  Hello! My name is Joseph, but I am frequently called William Seasteel, Tyler Crossbones, and many other names! I was a former POTCO player from 2011 - 2013, and a current player of TLOPO.

I was formerly a very active user here, as well as being Founder & President at the MC Nations. I am currently a member of the TLOPO guild, The British Empire, where I act was one of the Senior Officers.

In POTCO Role-play, I was King of Switzerland on one character, Colonel in the British Marines on another, Secretary to the Prime Minister of Britain’s Office on another, and leader of the Sepoy Indian Soldiers on another. I was influenced by King John Macbatten of Sweden, who courageously defended his Kingdom from both the British and Spanish, until he was defeated, until my frontal lobe developed completely. In Switzerland, I was the backbone for 17 utterly cringey Role-play years, serving as Prime Minister, Head of the Military, Chief Advisor, and eventually King of Switzerland. I later became the Chief Advisor on my new character, Sir Josef Grau, Count of St. Gallen, and continued to advise King David on his rule until March 2014.

I currently serve Britain as the Secretary of State for the Southern Department, which is basically a long way of saying "I'm important".

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My Pirates

  1. Account 1

    • Joseph (2011 - 2012) - My first account, I created him in June 2011. He was Level 12 when I stopped using him. In RP, he was First Mate to Captain Ned Edgewalker

  1. Account 2

    • Tyler Crossbones (2011 - 2013) - My second pirate, and my first unlimited account. I made Tyler on August 29, 2011, and joined the EITC guild, British EITC Military. I served for a couple weeks as a Sergeant, before being promoted to Lieutenant. I later went inactive, but came back in February 2012. I retained my rank of Lieutenant until November, when I joined the Royale Co. Navy, and was made a Captain for a week, then a Colonel. I also became Prime Minister, Head of Military, Chief Advisor, and later King of Switzerland. In Switzerland I was called "Tyler Kroshbon" or "William II"; while I was called "Tyler Wellington" in Britain. 
    • William Seasteel (2013 - 2013) - My third pirate, I became the Grand Prince of Tuscany on him, as well as Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister. I didn't have much time to expand on him, considering the short amount of time I had on him, but he would eventually become Grand Duke of Tuscany at the end of POTCO. 
    • Edward McDavis (2012 - 2013) - An alternate pirate I used. He was of Indian orgin, and the bodyguard to Tipu Sultan Prince Jarroute Neppal (Jarot Decksteel). He later became Head of the Sepoy Soldier Regiment at the end of POTCO. 

  1. Account 3

    • James Warshot (2013 - 2013) - My fourth and final pirate, I used James for the last month of POTCO. He was Guildmaster of Co. Black Watch, a guild that gathered 60 members, all above level 20. His RP name was "James Wellington" and he was the nephew of Tyler Wellington. If POTHS, POR, or a second POTCO comes out, I'll be using James. 

  1. Account 4
  • Joseph Grey (2016 - present) - My new pirate upon the release of TLOPO. He is the British Lord Speaker, Foreign Minister, and Governor of Port Royal, as well as Third-in-Command of The British Empire (TLOPO). His name pays homage to my original character when I first started POTCO.

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