aka Director Simon Brawlmartin

  • I live in Port Royal
  • My occupation is Naval Officer
  • I am Male
Royal Navy Emblem

Welcome to my profile

I am Commodore Simon Pratton of the British Royal Navy, loyal to the King and to Country.I am currently stationed at Port Royal and am charged with protecting Port Royal and the Company Office there. I live with several other officers who live in the residential district of Port Royal.


I was trained at the Royal Navy academy, I was proved on many occasion to be naturally skilled with the blade, almost as good as James Norrington. I assisted in the destruction and rebuilding of Tortuga with the Black Guard.


I wear traditional EITC Uniform, plus one Silver Ruby Ring.


William Pratton : Father

Anne Pratton : Mother


Officers Bayonet used by Simon

Richard Pratton : Brother

Arthur Pratton : Uncle (fathers side)


British Army, Colonel

Royal Navy, Commodore

The EITC Thugs dagger used by Simon

EITC Thugs Dagger Used By Simon

EITC, Commodore

Privateers, Commander

Great Britain

Place of Birth

York, England

Weapons of Choice

Sabre E

Commodores Sabre used by Simon

Commodore's Sabre

EITC Thugs Pistol


EITC Thugs pistol used by Simon

EITC Thugs Dagger

Officers Bayonet

Out of personal preference I choose not to dabble in the affairs of Voodoo weapons.

I captain the frigate HMS Surprise

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