aka Wils

  • I live in Pirate Academy
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Looter
  • I am Male
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About Me

Ahoy, mates, I'm Sam Swordskull! I'm a seminotorious pirate; mostly known for my arguments against the nonsense people create about different weapons and skills affecting loot containers and loot drops. I have had several other pirates, such as Simon Stormspinner, Will McLegend, Dauntless, Shadow Shot, and Flame. I only made Sam on July 23, and I'm proud to say he already has an abundance of Famed, Legendary, Cursed, and SLC as well as two excellent ships. I'm a new Guildmaster, trying to make it in my guild, Fading Fast. It's very new and I expect it will take time to grow, but I will work hard to make it great; my goal is for everyone who joins to have a good time. I also have a level 17 pirate named Crossfire that is currently a Member in Sinkers Infinity. I love looting and sinking, and you can usually find me looting at Cave of Lost Souls or General DH on Abassa, or at the South Idol, General DH, or Cursed Caverns on Angama. If you need help with anything and see me, make sure to stop and say hi!! I love to chat and make new friends, and unless I am in one of my hyperfocus modes I would love to help you with anything or get to you know. Keep yer blades drawn and yer rum hidden - Sincerely, Sam Swordskull.

Sam's Famed - Past and Present

  • Famed Lucky Charm (x2)
  • Famed Golden Charm (x2)
  • Famed Bejeweled Cutlass (x2)
  • Famed Bejeweled Sabre (x1)
  • Famed Shark Fang Knives (x2)
  • Famed Knives of the Hawk Idol (x2)
  • Famed Assassin's Knives (x2)
  • Famed Bayou Knives (x2)
  • Famed Seven Seas Cutlass (x1)
  • Famed Corsair's Cutlass (x1)
  • Famed Cursed Spinecrest Sword (x1)
  • Famed Bejeweled Broadsword (x1)
  • Famed Bloodfire Broadsword (x1)
  • Famed Traitor's Dagger (x1)
  • Famed Cursed Tyrant Blade (x1)
  • Famed Broadsword of the Inquisition (x1)

Sam's Legendary - Past and Present

  • Legendary Lost Sword of El Patron

Sam's Cursed - Past and Present

  • Rare Cursed Sea Steel Sword (x2)
  • Famed Cursed Tyrant Blade (x1)
  • Rare Cursed Barnacle Breaker (x1)

Sam's SLC - Past and Present

  • Lavender Silk Vest (x1)
  • Lavender Old Tank (x1)
  • Bright Yellow Linen Puffy Shirt (x1)
  • Bright Yellow Old Tank (x1)
  • Dark Black Laced Puffy Shirt (x1)
  • Bright Blue Cotton Trousers (x1)
  • Forest Green Linen Open Shirt (x1)
  • Lavender Linen Highwaters (x1)
  • Bright Green Bandana (x1)
  • Bright Green Cotton Highwaters (x2)
  • Bright Orange Linen Puffy Shirt (x2)
  • Navy Blue Seamed Tank (x1)
  • Forest Green Silk Vest (x1)
  • Magenta Cotton Trousers (x1)
  • Forest Green Cotton Short Sleeve (x1)
  • Lavender Linen Puffy Shirt (x1)
  • Bright Orange Open Cotton Shirt (x1)
  • Forest Green Seamed Tank (x1)
  • Bright Red Cotton Tank (x1)
  • Dark Black Striped Tank (x1)
  • Dark Black Linen Long Sleeve (x1)
  • Navy Blue Linen Short Sleeve (x1)
  • Bright Green Linen Short Sleeve (x2)
  • Bright Green Open Linen Shirt (x1)
  • Bright Orange Linen Highwaters (x1)
  • Magenta Silk Vest (x1)

Sam's Infamy Ranks

  • PvP Land Combat : Rank 2 Brawler
  • SvS Sea Combat : Rank 1 Mariner

Me Pirates

  • Sam Swordskull - Level 42 - Fading Fast (Guildmaster)
  • Crossfire - Level 17 - Sinkers Infinity (Member)
  • Kyra - Level 1 - Guildless

Sam's Current Levels

  • Notoriety - Level 42
  • Cannon - Level 18
  • Sailing - MASTERED
  • Sword - MASTERED
  • Gun - MASTERED
  • Doll - Level 23
  • Dagger - MASTERED
  • Grenade - Level 11
  • Staff - Level 19
  • Potions - Level 9
  • Fishing - MASTERED

Sam's Current Ships

  • Savvy Strider - War Sloop - Level 1 Streamlined - No Sail Color - No Sail Emblem - No Rigging Upgrade
  • Laughing Legend - War Frigate - Level 1 Reinforced - Red Sails - Black Flames - No Rigging Upgrade
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