aka MikeyMcNally

  • I live in A Shack :D
  • My occupation is Looter, SVSer





I have two pirates that are on my account currently:

  1. -My main pirate is- Mikey McNally lv 50.

-Mikey is in possession of three legendary weapons: The World Eater Blade, Blade of the Abyss and the Silver Freeze.

-Mikey has many brights and a few dark black shirts that he has found at Dark hart, South Idol, Tormenta, Timothy.

-Mikey is an Admiral in SVS!

-Mikey fails at PVP and is hoping to get War Master soon. (4 currently).

-Mikey has almost mastered everything except for potions(lv 18), cannon(lv 29), and grenade(lv 28).

-Mikey has caught only one Legendary Fish- Speedy Lou

-Mikey has been playing POTCO since 2009

-Mikey hopes to get more Legendary weapons, brights, dark black, famed cutlasses, famed stuff, and the Rev. Ram.

Photos of Mikey-



Mikey in Quicksand!!!


My second pirate:

-Mikey Jr. currently lv. 30 (but leveling fast!)

-Mikey Jr. has mastered sword and almost dagger

- Mikey Jr. has 4 brights so far: Bright Red Seamed Tank, Magenta sash, Bright green linen longsleve and Lavender open shirt

-Mikey Jr. has five famed- Bejeweled Sabre, Swordmaster's Sabre, Bloodfire Sabre, Corsair's Cutlass and Bloodfire Broadsword. (All famed were found at Dark Hart on Abassa)

-Mikey Jr. has done all the jewelry quests!

-Mikey Jr. hopes to get a Legendary weapon, more famed, lots more brights and dark black, and better at PVP

Photo's of Jr:

  • Mikey Jr on his Ravens Cove quest (Helping the chicken guy)
  • Mikey Jr RCQ (With mr chicken)
  • Mikey Jr Starting his RCQ


Mikey Jr's Ghostly sword!


Screen shot 2012-02-17 at 11.25.39 AM MikeyMcNally18 has an old body type!

's transparent MikeyMcNally18 liked the oil mustache from April Fool's Day!

Triforce MikeyMcNally18 has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!

JacksBrew MikeyMcNally18 has used the famed Jack's Brew!
150px-4542969 This user is in possession of the powerful World Eater!

Mercer's Blades mp icon MikeyMcNally18 is in possession of the legendary Silver Freeze!
Tattoo Banner MikeyMcNally18 has completed all of the tattoo quests offered by tattoo shopkeepers.
Jeweler Sign MikeyMcNally18 has completed all of the jewelry quests offered by jewelers.
Tailor Sign MikeyMcNally18 has completed all of the clothing quests offered by tailors.
CelticLeaf MikeyMcNally18 has collected all the St. Patrick's Day tattoos!
Glitch MikeyMcNally18 is a master at glitches!
Kingshead MikeyMcNally18 has done the Infamous Kingshead Glitch before it was fixed!
Sandman MikeyMcNally18 has seen all the Sandmen in the Caribbean!
Volcano MikeyMcNally18 has climbed the Padres Volcano!
Glitch MikeyMcNally18 is a master at glitches!
250px-Speedy Lou MikeyMcNally18 has caught the fastest fish in the sea, Speedy Lou!
Cannonmaster MikeyMcNally18 is a master of the Cannon!
CompassSM MikeyMcNally18 is a master at Sailing!
ImagesCA3H21DG MikeyMcNally18 has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!
ImagesCAJQ87YS MikeyMcNally18 has completed Chapter 1: The Black Pearl and retrieved the Black Pearl!

Spanish Icon MikeyMcNally18 is a True Spaniard at heart!
Avaricia1 MikeyMcNally18 is a Privateer of Spain!
The golden cannon Arrr! MikeyMcNally18 has used the Golden Cannon In Cannon Defense!

Mcnally large

McNally Crest

McNally Family Crest!

Said to have originated from Ireland. But Mikey isn't Irish lol. Still looks awesome though. XD

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