Hello, welcome to my user page! My name is Marc Warfury. I am a very active editor on this Wiki. Feel free to ask me any questions if needed.


About me:

I started playing POTCO in around 2009. I was in many different guilds: Purp N Yellow, Royal EITC Military, Co Black Guard, The Paradox, Pearson's Armada, Criminally Insane, Sugar Rush, and Abnormality. I started my POTCO Journey off as a jumper, someone who is very interested in PvP. I eventually got into Roleplaying in around 2010. In POTCO, I had 3 different pirates: Outsider, Marc Warfury, and Sinister X. My highest level pirate was Marc Warfury, he only reached level 31. My other 2 pirates were around level 20 and were mainly for PvP. I joined this Wiki in 2014, after searching around the internet for some people I met in POTCO. I didn't really start to use the Wiki until TLOPO was released. On TLOPO I have a few pirates: Marc Warfury, Outsider, Vice Daggerlord and Sinister X. Marc Warfury is currently my main pirate that I use for PvP, Roleplaying, and looting.

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