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Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for the EITC:

President of the CBN

Welcome to my Userpage!,
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Ethnic Group:


Eye Colour:



Unknown 17th Century


James Strider I (Father) Mary Strider I (Mother)


Lieutenant, Captain, Commodore, Admiral, Lord.

Weapons owned:

Small Sword, Sword of Usman, Flintlock Pistol, Cutlass.

Ship(S) captained or crewed:

HMS Dauntless, HMS Black Mercenary, Wind Racer Dragon.


Battle of England, Many more.


Hello and welcome to my Userpage, here you can contact me to do with affairs in the Caribbean or even'on this wiki. I am the current President of the Caribbean Broadcasting News an organization recently made however is updated every single day. I am a fair person and only make edits which are sensible and will not offend others that play this game or take part in edditing in this wiki.

Also please support is in making a new EITC which supports pirates, spanish, french and many others instead of the Samuel Redbeard & Captain Leon era.

'For we are: Weaker when parted, stronger united'.


Lord Usman Strider CBN President
  • My Offical flag
  • Me
  • EITC Offical
  • President of the CBN
  • Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • CEO of the EITCSI
  • Secretary General of the League of Nations
  • Director of Communications of the Press office
  • N.C.A Founder
  • Foreign Secretary of the Northern Assembly

Old Signatures:

Below are the signatures that in one point of my campaign on this wiki I would have used:

My Userboxes to do with myself:

EITCSI Seal2 Lord Usman Strider is a/the President of the East India Trading Co. Shipwright Industry!
Logo eitc emblem Lord Usman Strider is an EITC character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Skull-Transparent OST Lord Usman Strider has seen and liked Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!
CBN Lord Usman Strider is The President of the CBN!
Royal Navy Academy sig Lord Usman Strider is a/an/the Professor of Sailing of the Royal Navy Academy.

Logo eitc emblem Lord Usman Strider is a member of the EITC Council of the Elders!
Britbritflag Lord Usman Strider is a British User
Navy Treasure Fleet Emblem Lord Usman Strider's Royal Navy Rank is Lord Commander.
SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3 Lord Usman Strider is a member of The Society of The Light!
Caribbean Intelligence Agency-Seal Lord Usman Strider works at the Caribbean Intelligence Agency in the Public affairs Department as a/the Head of department.
Royal Navy Emblem Lord Usman Strider is a Royal Navy character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
55px-Icon nature staff d Lord Usman Strider is a Lord of Plants in The Alliance of The Lords!
Lion 4 Lord Usman Strider is a True Englishman at heart!

My Name in Harry Potter style writing!


EITC Guild I have been in & best jobs I had in them

The EITC Elites - Assasin

The EITC Forever - Lieutenant



The Black Empire - General

The Black Council - Second In Command

The Co Empire - Second In Command

United Empire - Prime Minister

Elites of the Co - Prime Minister

Legendary Co Elites - President of the EITC

United Co Empire - President of the EITC

Black Officers - Chief Lord of the EITC Armed forces

Co. Black Guard - Chief Lord of the EITC Armed forces


Below are the weapons I own.

Treasure Hunter
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Lord Usman Strider has the User Rank of Treasure Hunter with 2,239 Edits
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