Lord Andrew Mallace

aka Supreme Leader, Eternal President.

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in eternal power
  • I am bound by loyalty to preserve the GFW.

About me

Long dead Lord and Admiral Captain Andrew has returned. Although not in the same form, he is here, watching over his friends. He is weak, a low level now, and incapable to help, but guides his friends all he can. An EITC legend, and Right hand man to the best, Lord Benjamin Macmorgan, he was killed in a hostage battle, in late 2010, when saving a pirate. He has returned, weak... but still armed with speeches, and loyalty.

My favorite pages

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Alter Ego's

  • Captain Andrew
  • Admeral Qswas
  • WarPigge
  • TheDeceasedCaptain
Crown 1 lg Lord Andrew Mallace is a member of Royalty.
CompassSM Lord Andrew Mallace is a master at Sailing!
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Eitcguys Lord Andrew Mallace graduated from the EITC Military Academy!
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Cutlass bladestorm Lord Andrew Mallace has the cutlass skill, Blade Storm.
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