Johnny Shark, Inferno's Hitman

aka A FANDOM User

"The high price of freedom and revenge has turned me into a cold blooded killer. The EITC and undead army will pay."

Johnathon "Shark" Turner was born in Spain to Peter Turner (brother of "Bootstrap" Bill Turner) and Adelina Turner. The whole family moved to the caribbean because of the hardships they were facing in Spain. They settled in Isla de la Avaricia by the time Johnny was 5. Peter Turner enlisted in a Spanish Privateer ship, while Adelina stayed home. When looking for Peter Turner, an EITC assassin known as Fredrick Remington "The Vicious" shot and killed Adelina during a raid on the island of Avaricia. When "Shark" Turner was 15, he joined the privateer ship that his father was on and made a name for himself as a counter-French raider. The spaniards called him "Jonathon Tiburon" or "Johnny Shark" in English. Though one day, on a cold, foggy day, their ship faced a gruesome horror. The Harkaway (Jolly Roger's ship) bumped into the spanish war sloop and demolished it. The Jolly Roger killed Johnathons father before his very eyes, stabbing him through the heart and still laughing. The Jolly Roger approached 17 year old Turner saying "Yer next encounter with me will be yer last, boy" and Turner was pushed overboard and somehow as the moonlight showed his body became black and transparent, but the feeling was painful. He was cursed, with dead parents, his uncle was taken by Davy Jones, and the only way out is suicide. His life was miserable, but he couldn't kill himself because of his curse. He became a fierce privateer for Spain and his new father became Garcia Avaricia. After fighting for the Spanish for ten years, he decided to become his own captain. He found a legion of mortal, but cursed citizens in Ravens Cove who survived the Jolly Roger's invasion there. They became his crew and his ship was a gift from Avaricia for his "graduation" from fighting for Spain known as the Golden Dragon. His notorious crew proved he was worthy for INFERNO, the most elite guild in all of the Caribbean. Some say better than the Marceline. Johnathon "Shark" Turner is now INFERNO's hitman. Anyone they ask, he kills.

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As a hitman, I have very many targets. Here they are:


The whole EITC, so including Co. Black Guard guild.


The Undead...

Guild Userbox ImageNavy

... The British Navy, being the cowards they are, they are my easiest target.

230px-Rage Ghost

These things are annoying... so I was told to terminate them.


Last of all, the French. Ned Yellowbeard does not despise them, but Avaricia set this target up for me.

Also, here are some of my favorite weapons that I bare...

Screen Shot 2011-12-10 at 3.15.25 PM

The best piece of metal... or whatever thats stuff is.. that I have ever worked with!

Screen Shot 2011-12-10 at 3.15.38 PM

Nothing special, but it freezes enemies!

Screen Shot 2011-12-10 at 3.15.14 PM

I accidentally froze my cat with this, took me 3 days to thaw him out.

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