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  • I live in Houston
  • I was born on August 24
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How it started...

James Whalecutter wasn't just any old normal pirate, he was one that wasn't to mean, no to nice but he was the kind of pirate that was in it for advennture. He was born in a small house on Tortuga. At the time, his Pa was traviling around the carriabean in search for the lost treasure of El Patron. A sad tale Ma had told me... It was about what had happened to him. I can't tell you the story because it is to personal and i wont say it. Many Years later i was rewarded membership for my great honer to pirates. I had joined a not completly run down guild called "Pirate Guardians" I always will remember the day. Week after week I grew more stronger and powerful until i was brave enough to take on El Patron's Ghost for what he had done to my father. Soon after I had meet a friendly pirate named Henry Scurvycutter he was like a brother to me. We were best friends but after a while, years passed and we grew older and more mature. Sadly he has not been rewarded with member ship, if i could i would give it to him for being my companion. As i soon gained intrest in the lost swords, I had started collecting them. Soon i was tough enough to kill a lv 26 with one sweep from my legendary sword. As the loss of my friend i wish he would come back some day. I see him every now and again. Soon i grew old of the game and realized that there was more to explore. I set sail for Black Pearl Island and helped Jack Sparrow recover it from the swine navy. With the assistance of my crew of course. I will never forget those long lost friends. (I forgot there names lol) And my friends grew and grew. Sadly my guild came to a hault when i was the last one left. So i said fairwell and left the guild and created "Pirate Guardians 2" Happy i was, it grew til it was maxed! I couldn't belive all those pirates were puting their lives on the line to save others and help defeat Jolly Roger himself! The carriabean grew and grew New islands, new enemies. But none was to tough enough for me. I could kill the rage ghost alone! A year had passed, there were new Infamity awards and I was dieing to level it up! Soon i had been a master in Privateering with my faithful Dark Blade Destroyer but she sunk a few years later... So now i have my new ship called Dark Blade Explorer in named after Dark Blade Destroyer. It was a rough year... My guildmates and freinds have soon got older and became more tougher. After a few fights about un-noted things. We calmed down and settled until it bagan over and over again and soon we left each other on our seprates pathes. Those names will not be forgotten: Eric Treausrehunter & SvenO' Hawk. A month or two passed...I had met a fine madam named Elizabete McBend. We had started a relation ship together and told/acted out our favorite stories together. We had even adopted two dogs! We live in a manshion on tortuga, you can sometimes see us there mid-day acting out stories. Struggeling in the battle aginst Jolly Roger and the Queen Anne's Revenge we will never give up hope on our freinds and future. So I say we fight, we fight TO THE DEATH...

FamedWeapons JamesWhalecutter has 20 Famed Items!
Tortuga JamesWhalecutter's favorite main island is Tortuga.
Gypsy picon JamesWhalecutter's favorite potion is Phantom Spirits.
Favorite weapon pic.. JamesWhalecutter's favorite weapon is the Blade of the Abyss!
Music Sign JamesWhalecutter's favorite Pirates of the Caribbean song is Caribbean Holiday.
Admiral JamesWhalecutter's favorite Peddler outfit is Admiral!
Badge-161-5 JamesWhalecutter was voted by users as the Best Guild in the Caribbean!
Teasure Maps JamesWhalecutter has Beaten the Treasure Map Black Pearl Times.
Cannonmaster JamesWhalecutter is a master of the Cannon!
American flag JamesWhalecutter is American.

Pirate Guardians

Pirate Guardians is a guild I dont know much about it's history. All I can tell you is this. Pirate Guardians was founded a few months after the Pirates Online World was created. It's founder's name is forgotten and unknown... A young lady invited me to the run down guild when i was a basic lv 5 member

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