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FailPwnz is too awesome for these User Ranks, and doesnt need or want them on His/Her Page

If you want to get my attention but dont want to leave a message or talk on chat or in game, Email me at I promise I will reply!
"If you decide you will mes with me, I will destroy you. Mess with me again, you will be looking for your head." ~ Davy Hookwrecker, an awesome coder

The King of the Awesome One's Birthday is in November 4, 2011!
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 Welcome to my profile, friends and foes alike. As long as you cause no harm to my fellow Wikians or my homelands I shall treat you with deserved respect. As it were, I do enjoy spending time using the chat feature to instantly speak with any good member, discussing a variety of things. I enjoy coding and helping others out. If you need anything from me, I have a talk page you know.

Greetings courtesy of 閎黎皇帝

 The game is called Battle of the Immortals (BoI for short)( that I moved to ). If you happen to 1. Already play, or 2. Start playing it, then look for me. My characters name is BladeBearer.The game is really awesome and owns the graphics of POTCO. If you join there, look for BladeBearer and Ill help you.(No promises) ;)

 (Note:My favs of 7)
 Dave, the King of the Awesome One's
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