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I am Joseph Crestscarlett. You probably have never heard of me, but then again, a lot of people that knew about me were my assassination targets. I am a guildmaster, and my guild is Beckett's Pride. (EDIT: Beckett's Pride will be dissolved soon) We are also not really heard of, but also, people that know us tend to be our targets. Anyway, I'm a level 30, and probably the most influential guy this side of Tortuga, because I have contacts in Raider Empire, Cold Blooded, Port Royal Rogues, Dread Sea Raiders, Predicon, Band of Thieves, Perdida Rebels, and even the King's New Marines.

I'm a regular at Padres, so if you want to see me then Padres is the place. (Note: I'm not going to be able to come online until about March.) Look for me at Darkhart, the Catacombs, and sometimes Fort Dundee. If I'm not at Padres, then I'm out sailing my personal ship, the Shadow Demon. It's easy to find the Demon, just look for the Brig with red sails and a wolf emblem. If I'm not sailing, then I'm at Tormenta or Kingshead, where my guild's HQ is. If you want to talk business with Beckett's Pride, then go to the Kingshead Keep. We have a little city there called Bastion City. But beware the Assassins. Sometimes, I go to Raven's Cove, cause I'm doing the story quest associated with said island.

If you are a noob, and you are reading this page, here are some tips:

Get a good guild immediately. Guilds are good as protection, and if it is a great guild, then you will be helped with about every quest you get.

DO NOT BUY JEWELRY, they are a waste of money if you are a lower level, because you can always get a good weapon with them (Or a good ship).

If you want to level up, I suggest Tortuga's Misty Mire if you are basic, and any island except Tortuga and Port Royal if you are unlimited. (If you are under level 20, then do not go to Padres unless you are going to Fort Dundee.)

If any high level people are reading this, then PLEASE JOIN MY GUILD. I am looking for higher level people to join.

In my spare time, I like to organize fleets and raids, and generally just hunt stuff.

My favorite pages This guy is an electronic music genius. So is this guy.

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