I enjoy gaming and running. I also like rapping. I'm actually pretty good at it, I've gained quite some recognition on YouTube. Pirates Online, Grand Theft Auto, and Just Cause are my favorite games. I can run a 60 yard dash in 7.8 seconds.

My pirate in Pirates Online is named Pepper. He is mastered, with almost all legendary. I'm quite a serious gamer, sometimes spending 20 hours a day on them. I like to sail, PvP, and other things. I have two entire Dark Black outfits, and an entire Bright Orange outfit. I'm also on the test server. I have no guild, and never will.

MpTest icon Drpepper59 is on the Test Server
55px Drpepper59 is an expert potion brewer!

Computergeek Drpepper59 is a coding master and would be happy to help you. Computergeek

LegendaryLure Drpepper59 is a Master Fisherman!
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Drpepper59 is very active on Gamers Fanon Wiki!
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Blog-111122-brethren-feast Drpepper59 is banding together as true buccaneer, by celebrating the Pirate Brethren Celebration!
Addict This user probably spends more time on Gamers Fanon Wiki than in the game.
220px-Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun Drpepper59 can sink ships by pointing their finger!
Its loading and loading etc. Drpepper59 has a hard time loading things!
THERULEPIC Drpepper59 has signed Petition:Bringing the Old Body Types Back and suggests you do so right away!
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