Hello! My name is Doopers! I am your friend :) But really though, I was an inactive player, who rejoined on the 10th of June, 2012, and I was originally a 3rd generation player.


Generation3 Doopers is from the 3rd Wiki Generation!
ImagesCAJQ87YS Doopers has completed Chapter 1: The Black Pearl and retrieved the Black Pearl!
French Icon Doopers is a True Frenchman at heart!
55px Doopers has reached Notoriety level 24!
150px-33595244345 Doopers prefers blackjack than poker!
Sandman Doopers has seen all the Sandmen in the Caribbean!
Under Construction Doopers has a character named John Lennon in POTCO.
Coin flip Doopers is Preparing for the next update!
Kingshead Doopers has done the Infamous Kingshead Glitch before it was fixed!
Defeated QAR Doopers has sunk the Queen Anne's Revenge and defeated her notorious crew
It looks crazy Doopers has played Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Since 2007!
Pistol eagle eye Doopers's Favorite server is Vachira!
LegendaryLure Doopers is a Master Fisherman!
250px-Speedy Lou Doopers has caught the fastest fish in the sea, Speedy Lou!
250px-Mossy Moses Doopers caught the heavy and huge, Mossy Moses!
250px-Glittering Girl Doopers caught the Graceful Glittering Girl!
60px-Legendary fish icon This user's first Legendary Fish was Fogbell
250px-Fogbell Doopers caught the Frightening Fogbell!
Sword Doopers has mastered Sword!
FamedWeapons Doopers has 3 Famed Items!
Icon Cursed aa Doopers is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Spinecrest Sword!
Blackbeard's Sword Doopers has claimed Blackbeard's sword of Triton!
28 Doopers has made 28 edits on the POTCO Players Wiki.
American flag Doopers is American.
Male Blue Doopers is male.
Porc1 Doopers is a Privateer of France!
Aprankmustache Doopers HATED the oil mustache from April Fool's Day!
Founder Coin WikimemberNew
Doopers is a New Editor on the POTCO Players Wiki!
9 - 11 Rememberance
Doopers is remembering
September 11th, 2001
"We will never forget."
Mybirthday This user's birthday is on August,19!
WINDOWSUSER! Doopers uses a Windows PC!
Potco-jolly-roger-425 Doopers has encountered Jolly Roger!
Diamond ore Doopers Plays Minecraft as well!
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