Shipwright's Members

Shipwright's EITCSI
Rose Buccanner Hat - Elagant Hat and on Antik meaning they work for the EITCSI.

Club Coat - Normal Shipwright's are casual wear but with this fine coat from England telling you that these guys have money backing them up.

Festival Breeches - Very comfortable and made from England's finest silk

Silk Shirt - Silk coming from the England and buttons gotten off the Flying Dutchman's Sails

Embelished Vest - Elegant vest and every sailor's best friend.

Skull Belt - Those breeches don't hold themselves up

Error No name - Fine quality boots and if you get the Shipwright mad they hurt!


New uniform
Rusted Helmet - Great protection against falling objects

Plain Linen Short Sleeve - Gotten have a uniformed outfit while also it's very stylish

Fierce Sash - Very nice and high quality

Plain Patched Trousers - Armor underneath, kinda heavy though

Wallop Boots - Shoes made for running and can withstand anything!

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