For New Users

This is what you should read if you are a new user:

Hello There!

My name is CaptainShadow11 and I would like to personally welcome you to this wikia! I
New portroyal 2
f you ever need anything, leave a message on my Talk page. Please just follow the Rules and you will have a great time here on wiki. Here are some things you can do:
  • Make a page about your pirate. See Pirates for some examples.
  • Make a page about your guild. See Guilds for some examples.
  • Make a made up story/place/event/person that. See Fan Creations for some examples.
  • See here for some help getting around wikia.
  • Improve your Userpage by editing it and adding some pictures!
  • Do some normal editing, spell check things and such.

Fair Winds,


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