Basil Bridgebain

aka The Big Cheese

  • I live in Inside my truck.
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is trying not to get ran out of town by shenanigans.
  • I am an awesome person.



  • me finding best dagger EVER.Go to
  • o.o not fake!
  • gold! GOLD!
  • I like skulls
  • Coded Blunder
  • hehe :D
  • epic pistol of DOOOOOOOOOOOM
  • Inquisiton!
  • Tiger shark!
  • i finally have Snare immunity!
  • wish this was mine....

Teh Epic Charm

Hey, its me Basil Bridgebain!! I'm a awesome guy! ( maybe :D ) and i like to loot and have fun! I collected many weapons as i loot. many cursed blades too :P my first was Barracuda Blade.


Warclanmember Basil Bridgebain is a member of the War Master's Clan!
El patrons lost sword Basil Bridgebain is a member of Lost Sword Looters
180px-Randy Orton as a Smackdown DrafteeRandy Orton in 2011 Basil Bridgebain has gone crazy and might punt your skull if you make Basil Bridgebain angry...
GreenRunner Team Basil Bridgebain is in the Crew of the Green Runner in the Royal Navy SvS Championship !

SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3 Basil Bridgebain is a member of The Society of The Light!
Screenshots Basil Bridgebain is a member of the pirate forums!
Capture 4 Basil Bridgebain has beaten LaSchafe many times!
Groggy Basil Bridgebain does not like being groggy!
Basil Bridgebain is far too mighty for these weaklings!
Fire jumper
Basil Bridgebain is very active on Gamers Fanon Wiki!
Fire jumper
BrigOne Basil Bridgebain is excited for the Brig.
MDL Basil Bridgebain is a member of The Dew League!
EITCANDNAVYFLEET Basil Bridgebain has once sunk a Navy/EITC treasure fleet!
TGT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basil Bridgebain reads and is a fan of The Goldvane Trilogy ( TGT )
Basil Bridgebain is Online Or Offline.

Basil Bridgebain is excited about the Curse of the Muertos Moon events!
Volcano Basil Bridgebain has climbed the Padres Volcano!
Skynet-terminator Tama63bot will TAKE OVER!
Aprankmustache Basil Bridgebain HATED the oil mustache from April Fool's Day!
Icon Cursed aa Basil Bridgebain is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Spinecrest Sword!
Icon Cursed cc Basil Bridgebain is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Nautilus Blade!
PotionsIcon Basil Bridgebain is an expert potion brewer!
250px-Fire Dragon Basil Bridgebain caught the red hot Fire Dragon!
332 Basil Bridgebain has made 332 edits on the POTCO Players Wiki.
250px-Mossy Moses Basil Bridgebain caught the heavy and huge, Mossy Moses!
LegendaryLure Basil Bridgebain is a Master Fisherman!
Bloodfire Basil Bridgebain is in possession of The Dark Mutineer.
Pistol eagle eye Basil Bridgebain's Favorite server is Antassa!
Kingshead Basil Bridgebain has done the Infamous Kingshead Glitch before it was fixed!
The golden cannon Arrr! Basil Bridgebain has used the Golden Cannon In Cannon Defense!
ShadowCutlass Basil Bridgebain really wants to get a Shadow Cutlass!
Coin flip Basil Bridgebain is Preparing for the next update!
Mercer's Blades mp icon Basil Bridgebain is in possession of the legendary Silver Freeze!
GM Sign Basil Bridgebain is Guildmaster of the BossBusterLords guild.
ElPatronIcon Basil Bridgebain is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!
220px-Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun Basil Bridgebain can sink ships by pointing their finger!
Triforce Basil Bridgebain has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!
ImagesCAJQ87YS Basil Bridgebain has completed Chapter 1: The Black Pearl and retrieved the Black Pearl!
SteelShot Basil Bridgebain favorite gun ammo is SteelShot!


LevelTemplate50 Basil Bridgebain has reached Notoriety level 50!
Firestorm Basil Bridgebain's favorite ammo in Cannon Defense is Firestorm!
Chicken dance Basil Bridgebain saw da great Caboost!
Happy Halloween!
Basil Bridgebain is celebrating Halloween!

Screenshot 2011-08-13 08-14-30 ALL of us better feel frightened!!!
Internet Explorer Basil Bridgebain uses Internet Explorer to contribute to the Wiki.
ImagesCA3H21DG Basil Bridgebain has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!
User Rank
Basil Bridgebain has the User Rank of Lookout with 332 Edits

Basil Bridgebain The Big Cheese

My famed cursed: ( if i listed ALL famed... it would be a LONG list )

Barracuda Blade
Tyrant Blade
Sharkfang Blade
Razortooth Sword
Spinecrest Sword
The Dark Mutineer

My random Lock army V2V2V2V2V2V2 V2V2V2V2V2V2 V2V2V2V2V2V2 V2V2V2V2V2V2 V2V2V2V2V2V2V2 V2


  1. Fortune Hunter War Brig by Jan 7, - complete
  2. Find WEB or something legendary by March
  3. StormChaser War Galleon by Jan 30, - complete
  4. Copperhead War Frigate by Jan 30, - complete
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