About The Alliance

The Alliance consists of many foreign countries who are concerned about the ever growing thought of possible world domination of a country not in this alliance or other worldwide issues. The Alliance helps aid countries in need but is open to all countries that do not need help and/or neutral. The UWA meets bi-monthly and is represented by someone appointed/elected by that country. It is to be determined how the representative will hold office OR the leader himself may represent his/her country.


Meets will be as stated bi-monthly via chat or game, whichever is more suited for the majority. Meets will include discussion over international problems, domestic problems etc. Every meet there will be a position in which a representative worthy of this position may act as a sort of judge to keep order in meets. This 'Judge' will be elected by Rep.'s but MUST be elected by someone else. This 'Judge' will have this position for 6 months until the next election time.


  • Romania
  • Lone Islands
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