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Undead Reaper


Undead Reapers are deadly assassin's to Jolly Roger's Army. They appear at every single island beside Cuba because Tia Dalma protects it. Undead Reapers are the hardest undead there is. They don't appear during invasions though because they are used for different purposes during invasions. They started to appear when the peddlers appeared...

Levels and Attacks

They appear at very high lvs. The highest lv seen was Lv 54. Not too hard for Masters but they have very powerful attacks. They use their syths to take a pirate down.


They drop like other undead and more commonly to drop famed items.

  • Loot Pouches- less common to drop and mainly rare items when loot puch drop
  • Loot Chest- common to drop and mainly rare but also to find famed
  • Loot Skull Chest- really common to drop and mainly drop famed but also legendary weapons


There is one boss that has appeared but hasn't been seen lately. Syth the Undead Reaper Boss has been seen as level 47. Pretty hard boss. Can only be seen on Isla Inferno...

Locations Found

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