An undead hobo is one of the Caribbean's most deadly skeletons they range from levels 35-40. They can be spotted on Hobo island, one undead hobo is hidden near Butcher Brown stealing some food, and some rare sightings on Padres near Darkheart. Undead hobos attack with knives and swords. They can be recognized by their cap on their head.

Weapons: Sword and knives
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Attacks: Throwing knife, Throw Dirt, Bite, Hack

Level: 35-40

Health: 3,550-4,250

Locations: Rarely on Padres, Tortuga near Butcher Brown, Hobo island

Bosses: Stench ( Stench used to be an undead slasher boss but later becomes changed into an Undead Hobo boss and became a higher level)

Drops: Always drops a good crude weapon for ANY weapon class with every chest and what normally would be in the chest.

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