Character Directory

In each Act, there is an update of the directory with a change in title or introduction of a new character hinted in below.

The Unified Republic of the Caribbean





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  • Andrew Mallace - Once again the Lord Chancellor, he is found with Jeremiah Garland, happier and ready for action, after Garland sails over to the West Indies. No one knew where he went until now.
  • Jeremiah Garland - A great political leader in England and known for leading the EITC to greatness with Andrew, he storms in to Puerto Republica to begin the EITC Rule once more. He has a new view for the West Indies that will reform the region and will hopefully submit to British overlords.
  • Stormwalker - While she leads her own faction, she supports the EITC due to it's leader being her father, Jeremiah Garland. She is the financial support for their new operations in the West Indies.

The Southern Isle Union


Terriotries as of Act II

  • Blue - Republic landsUnifiedNational
  • Black - EITC lands PotcoEitcSymbol
  • Red - Rebellion landsUnionNational
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