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In each Act, there is an update of the directory with a change in title or introduction of a new character hinted in below.

The Unified Republic of the Caribbean


  • Ned Edgewalker -  Edgewalker finds himself in debt with the House of Storms financially. With the dishonorable discharge by the Tenth Lord, he has no protection from anyone and is forced to do what the House tells him to.


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  • Andrew Mallace - Formerly the Lord Chancellor, he is found on Tortuga, drunk and drinking his life away, after losing everything with the sudden collapse of the EITC. No one knew where he went until now. He was last seen by the Tenth Great Lord of the Republic during the reovlution.
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  • The Hessian - Also known as Bartholomew Swordfury, he is a former EITC sodier who serves no one and only works for pay, most of which comes from the House of Storms. He personally trained the leader of the clan back when the EITC was something to fear and is known by her for his gret marksmanship but also very brutal ways of killing, as well as his fine taste in hard drinks.


The Southern Isle Union


  • NultsCourtPortraitTest
    President Richard Cannonwalker -
    With the wins at Kingshead and the eastern islands in Mar de Plata, Richard begins forming his government and makes his title the President of the Union.

  • Williamo De' Medici
    Governor William Seasteel
    - Former EITC High ranking officer, he has lived on Kingshead for years before and after the Revolution. Ever since the Rebellion took control of Kingshead and sustained its name, William ran for Governor, though not exactly pleased with their policy, is much more happier with theirs than the Republic's.

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  • Military Governor Victoria Risa Diverti - Victoria is appointed Military Governor after her help in the fall of Terre d'argent under the Republic. She decides to renames it.

Terriotries as of Act II

  • Blue - Republic landsUnifiedNational
  • Red - Rebellion landsUnionNational
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