1st Unified Intelligence Taskforce

Unified Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT)

Organisation type:

Military/Intelligence Taskforce

Founded By:

Major General Richard Venables

Date of Founding:

26th of April, 1745


Lord Johnathan Goldtimbers

Preceeded By:


Succeeded By:


      Founded by Lieutenant General Richard Venables, UNIT or Unified Intelligence Taskforce was created on the 2nd of October 1745, It is a militaristic intelligence agency that serves Great Britain in its greatest times of need, they are especially important as they are the last defence should Britain be invaded.

They serve Britain also by researching and developing technology for the use of the British Empire's servants, these include such things as the British teleportation totem network, and the Advanced Sky Ships of which there are three, the flagship being HMS Enterprise.

They have two sections, a scientific section which deals with research and development of new technologies and the military section which is staffed by officers and soldiers of the British army who display exceptional tactical and leadership skills.

They have bases across the British Empire including under the Tower of London, Edrington Manor in Scotland, and Kingshead in the Caribbean.

Ranks and positions

Military Section Ranks

  1. General - The officer commanding UNIT.
  2. Colonel - Commands a section of UNIT.
  3. Major - Commands certain military projects.
  4. Captain - Usually acts as an aid to senior Officers.
  5. Lieutenant - Commands squads of Troops.
  6. Sergeant - Senior NCO who seconds Lieutenants.
  7. Coporal - NCO
  8. Private - The main soldiers of UNIT they have many varying duties which greatly vary with their posting.

Scientific Section Ranks

  1. Head of Research - Leads the Science Section
  2. Researcher - usually is the head of a certain Project (exp. Dr Richard Goldvane - Head of Project Valiant)
  3. Research Analysist - a member of the project team
  4. Archivist - Records all scientific research and results in the UNIT archives.

Current members


  • King George II ~ Commander in Chief

Military Sector

  • General Richard Venables~Commander of UNIT/Section Commander of Great Britain
  • Major Bartholomew Swordfury ~ Head of Operation Assassins Fury/Commander of Delta Company/Captain of the Dark Conqueror
  • Lieutenant General Richard Luther~Second in command of UNIT
  • Elizabeth the First of Sweden ~ Venables Aide/Commander of Alpha Company
  • Jason Shiprat~Chief of Intel
  • Admiral Chirstopher Ironshot~Captain of the Enterprise/Commander of the Skyship fleet
  • Colonel Ishmael Venables~Section Commander in the Caribbean/Commander of The Ghost
  • Bill Plunderbones~head of the Society of Light

Scientific Section

  • Dr Richard Goldvane ~ Head of Research and Development
  • Dr Keira Kinover ~ Head of Project Indigo

Bases of Operation

  • England/Tower of London
  • Scotland/Edrington Manor
  • New York/Government house
  • Calcutta/EITC offices
  • Istanbul/Royal palace
  • Paris/Versailles
  • Kingshead
  • Nassau, Bahamas



  • Project Indigo~ TOP SECRET*Project Valiant~Skyships
  • Project Genesis~Raptor Control*Project Isis~TOP SECRET

UNIT Fleet

Contact us...

four easy ways to contact UNIT!!!!!

  1. Email:[1]
  2. User: Lieutenant General Richard Venables
  3. User:Taylor1357 Owner of The HMS Dark Conqueror
  4. Website:
  5. Comments below!!!!
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