True Masters is an exclusive group founded by Sir Captain Shadow Sail. This group is for
pirates who have proven their excelence and have all mastered skills.
  • Level 50
  • All Weapons Mastered (Including Fishing, Potions, Cannon, etc)

If you are in this group you are a very skilled man/woman and among the most respected.


  1. Captain Shadow Sail ~ Official True Master
  2. Jack Daggermenace ~ Second True Master
  3. Blackbeard ~ Third True Master
  4. Lawrence Daggerpaine~ Forth True Master
  5. Bill Plunderbones ~ Fifth True Master
  6. Jack Pistol ~ Sixth True Master
  7. Basil Bridgebain~ Seventh True Master

If you would like to join, please say so in the comments, do not just place your name please.


If you are a member, you can add this userbox:

Fire 5 True Masters is a True Master and has mastered everything!
You will be given the code when you join.
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