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On May 17, 1746;

Invading Fuegon Armies retreated after a loss to the defending Ravenians. Both sides took several casulties and have decided they meet in Puente Patron, Raven's Cove to discuss the terms to end this brutal war. Lord Protector Richard Cannonwalker of the Commonwealth of Padres del Fuego met with the Dictator of the Imperial Republic of Raven's Cove and came to an agreement of the following terms:

  1. Tormenta remains as a Ravenian Territory.
  2. The Caribbean Trade Union can tax the Commonwealth, but the Commonwealth gets more of a say in what's taxed, how much it's taxed, etc.
  3. No wars are to occur until the Island RP Council reforms Warfare Rules, Conditions, Terms, etc.
  4. All Islands are to contribute funds to any damages they caused.

By signing this, both leaders have agreed to the Terms above and will result in the end of the Ravenian-Fuegon War.

Dictator Karl Sparx I


Rollback Seal

Lord Protector Richard Cannonwalker

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