Heard of the treasure ore? It's been tinkering with Zoomer's grand weapon brain. But it has created weapons for the most famed pirates and usefuls for the lower. Today, Zoomer was back in his lab, making more suitable weapons for the pirates.

Where To Start?

The starting place was unknown to Zoomer. Yes, he had gotten blades of the dammed, cursed blades, dragoon spears, fire - sabers - ice - brands - elemental armor, and still no clue. Then...

Holy Spolly

Aha!!! The Black Dragoon Spear will be the one he started on! He carefully took out a Swashbuckler Stew lll and Dragoon's Desire x3 and melded the stew and the treasure along the tip and edge of the spear. Then he got a darksteel ingot and placed it on the metal layer on the bottom of the spear. Next, he got 3 sinspawns and rubbed them on most of the missing parts. Then he got a megalixir and socrate rubble and completed his spear.... or.... sword!!! The sword was called a Stalwart broadsword.


Zoomer continues to design the Stalwart weapons. He WON'T give up.

More Coming Soon!!!

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