Travis Roger was a famous pirate whom sailed seas in the 18th century. He is widely known for being the brother of the infamous Jolly Roger.

It is widely believed that Travis was the cause of Jolly's turn to madness. They had had many fights as young ones, and even later in life that got so extreme that it caused Jolly to leave the house and become one of the cruelest pirates to sail the seas. Travis was left lonely at his household, and eventually made a name for himself as a pirate. His first ship is believed to have been a light galleon which he built himself. During one incredible journey, he managed to capture an EITC vessel known as a Behemoth, a war galleon. He repainted it and renamed it "The Fortune Queen"

During one of his few and far between trips to shore, he met up with a woman whose identity is still unkown and bore 2 sons. Billy and Ezekiel. The former of which would turn out to be his savior. Roger returned to sea after those nine months. However, this happened to be the night after Jolly lost the card game to Jack Sparrow. Needless to say he was upset. Jolly hunted down Travis out of pure anger and kept him imprissoned aboard his flagship. He kept The Fortune Queen under tight surveilance and all seemed grim.

Years later, Billy learned of his fathers dissapearence and vowed to save him. Eventually Billy not only managed to save his father , but The Fortune Queen as well. However, the reunion was short lived as only two weeks later, Jolly hunted down The Fortune Queen and killed Travis. Although Billy survived, he was never the same after that day and vowed revenge against his uncle.

Six years after his death, Tia Dalma was in need of Billy's services to trap Jolly Roger and convert him, bur Billy, blinded by anger wished to kill him. The only way Tia knew she could get Billy on her side was to rescue Travis from the land of the dead. Joined by Billy they veered harsh tides aboard the Fortune Queen and finally managed to make it. Travis was rescued and the reunion was tearful.

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