Hi, this is a Trading Post where you can buy and sell things. You won't get it right once you by something, but your order is placed for when trading comes out(If it comes out). You can sell things in comments and we can decide the price, jobs are also availabe.


World Eater Blade Legendary 100,000 Gold (Better price soon)

Bloodfire Cutlass Famed 300 Gold

Knives of the Golden Idol Famed 250 Gold

Golden Charm Famed 200 Gold

Bejeweled Broadsword Famed 200 Gold

Privateer Cutlass Rare 200 Gold

Knives of the Sun Idol Rare 150 Gold

Zombie Kabob Bayonet Common 30 Gold

Gravedigger Dagger Common 10 Gold


Blue and Red Party Hat Common 100 Gold

Bright Magenta Vest Common 75 Gold

Forest Green Tank Common 50 Gold

Your Choice of any Common or Crude Clothing Common/Crude 30 Gold


Ghost Tour Treasured Free with purchase

Guild Invite Rare Test Required

Voodoo Inchantment Rare 50 Gold

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave a comment!

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