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La Mafia Tommy Pistola
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The Tommy Pistola is a powerful repeater pistol used by La Mafia. It has a larger firing capacity and requires a reload only after every 10 shots.

La Mafia History Header

It was designed by Caporegime Bloodless and originally manufactured by Shiprat Industries as a pistol version of the Tommy Bayonet. He used a genius scheme to increase the shots per round by increasing the the clip size behind each barrel.

He originally created the weapon for the division of footsoldiers that he leads, but due to its power The Godpistol requested that it become a La Mafia weapon. The Godpistol sent out several Luigis to repossess the Tommy Pistolas handed out before the time.

La Mafia Appearance Header

The gun consists of a wooden barrel with a red coating and a dark black metal barrels and strips.

La Mafia Statistics

Attack: 100

Barrels: 3

Range: Medium Range

Rounds: 10

Special Abilities:

  • Unlimited Steel Shot: The wielder has unlimited amount of Steel Shot ammo.
  • Unlimited Poison Shot: The wielder has unlimited amount of Poison Shot ammo.
  • Rapid Fire: The gun can shoot 5 bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  • Rapid Reload: The wielder can reload the gun faster than most weapons.

Special Ammos:

  • Radiant Shot - A bullet that bursts into flame after leaving the gun's barrel.
  • Detecto Shot - A bullet that cannot be detected or traced once lodged in a victim.
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